We’re TECHing Out Halloween for a WHOLE SHOW!
Be a part of our 
Halloween Party – Week of: 10/21/19!

Apps, games, food, scary TECH’d out costumes, TECH that’ll make you scream, movies, AND MORE  will fit perfectly into our show!

So, what are you promoting on our show October 18, 19 & 20th?

The TECH Show is your home for apps,
e-commerce, gadgets, gizmos,
devices, drones and so much more!

Week of 9/23SOLD OUT
Week of 9/30: SOLD OUT
Week of 10/72 MINUTES LEFT!
Week of 10/14Available
Week of 10/212 MINUTES LEFT!

Airtime payments are to be paid via credit card in advance of airing. 

Questions? Contact:
Shawn Portmann at 727-452-5361 or Shawn@thetechshow.tv