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The Future of Marketing

The Future of Marketing

Understanding the consumer journey now means keeping up with the latest trends in marketing.  According to Director of Marketing for Performance Ads at Google, Matt Lawson there are four things you need to know about the future of marketing.

  1. The way consumers get assistance from the internet is evolving.There is an increasing number of consumers using their voice to search in lieu of the soon to become old-fashioned way of typing in a search.
  2. Speed is the key. Every second delay in mobile page load can result in conversions dropping by 20%.
  3. Online and offline worlds collide. Today’s tools are helping marketers understand the entire customer journey from measuring store visits to analyzing landing pages and using these insights for better ad experiences.
  4. Consumer Ad Expectations. Consumers today don’t want to be bombarded with ad messages that they have no interest in; and with programmatic advertising combining data, machine learning and automation tools like DoubleClick Bid Manager, advertisers can streamline based on what is performing well historically.

Even though technology may be moving at a rapid pace, the fundamentals of a great marketing campaign have not changed.  As we are reminded by Forbes contributor, Martin Holland a great marketing campaign will still require the following:

  1. A specific target market.
  2. A well-thought-out unique selling proposition (USP).
  3. An attention-grabbing headline.
  4. An irresistible offer.
  5. End with a compelling call to action.

Today’s consumers are more marketing-savvy than ever before and taking a little extra effort in getting to know your audience will assure you that you are marketing to the right target market for your product.  Marketing to a narrow group will save you money and give you a greater reward, as you will be more likely to make a direct hit.