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Technology Takes Fear Out of Traveling or Living Solo

Whether you like to venture out solo or choose to live alone in your senior years, there are technology innovations to keep your loved ones notified. My Safe Map shares your real-time location, provides feedback about potential travel destinations, and uploads photos on the go. ElliQ is the social robot that reminds seniors to take medication, to take a walk outside, or to call family members.

My Safe Map

My Safe Map is a location-sharing application designed to revolutionize safety concerns for travelers. The web and mobile application allow the user to have access to and get information about the best locations the world has to offer while ensuring safety through peer-based verification. With its multi-functional safety features, My Safe Map is the security “must-have” for travelers on the go.

“Security is no longer a need, it’s a necessity. Anything can happen at any time, so it’s essential that information can be shared in real-time and as detailed as possible,” said Jean-Pierre Lach, co-founder, and CEO of My Safe Map. “With this app, we are revolutionizing how people connect by keeping security top-of-mind, no matter the destination.”

From uploading photos to making personal comments on the places they visit, this multi-functional application allows users to keep friends, family, and communities information about the safety of their location. Also, the web and mobile app locate users in real-time and at their exact location so information can be gathered into a single map of the area. Included features allow users to rate, warn, help, localize, and chat with others. My Safe Map creates a peer-to-peer network to the world a better and safer place.

ElliQ – The Active Aging Companion

ElliQ is an AI-driven social robot, which helps older adults stay active and engaged with a proactive social robot that overcomes the digital divide. The aim is to reduce social isolation and loneliness by encouraging an active and engaged lifestyle. ElliQ seamlessly connects older adults with family and friends by making interactions with technology simple and intuitive, removing complexity and frustration. This social companion adapts to the personalities and interests of the senior, recommending content they may enjoy such as news, music, TED talks, and cognitive games. Communicating through body language, speech, sounds, light, and images, ElliQ also suggests activities in the physical outside world such as taking a walk, medicine reminders or just calling family members.

In the beta program, ElliQ will be introduced into the homes of dozens of older adults in California and Florida for an in-depth multi-week user trial. The company plans to test how ElliQ integrates into the day-to-day lives of the seniors and their families, and examine how it can improve ElliQ to fulfill the company’s mission to empower older adults to keep sharp, active and engaged.

“Our mission with ElliQ is to harness the proactive power of cognitive computing to empower older adults to overcome the digital divide, and pursue an active lifestyle,” says Dor Skuler, CEO and Founder of Intuition Robotics. “We are fortunate to have been working with many older adults to develop ElliQ’s features and user experience, to meet their needs. Now, we are excited to begin the beta program as the next step on our way to a 2018 launch.”

Since emerging from stealth in January 2017, Intuition Robotics has garnered a stream of accolades and awards for ElliQ’s innovative and thoughtful design and the robot’s ability to address the specific needs of older adults, including:

Both technologies – My Safe Map and ElliQ – combine intuitive technology and consumer-friendly interfaces to create easy ways for travelers and seniors to stay connected.  For more information about My Safe Map, visit  For more information about ElliQ, visit