Show Timing: Edit Clock with SMTs


SLATE (pre-show)00:10:0059:50:00(1):00:00:00
BLOCK A (Content Start)07:40:0000:00:0007:40:00
*SMT Segment:00:30:0007:10:0007:40:00
COMMERCIAL  A01:00:0007:40:0008:40:00
 BLOCK B07:10:0008:40:0015:50:00
*SMT Segment:02:00:0013:50:0015:50:00
COMMERCIAL  B04:00:0015:50:0019:50:00
BLOCK C05:40:0019:50:0025:30:00
*SMT Segment:01:00:0024:30:0025:30:00
COMMERCIAL  C01:30:0025:30:0027:00:00
BLOCK  D01:30:0027:00:0028:30:00
BLOCK D COMMERCIAL01:30:0028:30:0030:00:00

Content Time: - 22:00 min

Commercial Time: - 6:30 min

SMT Segments: 3 -3:30 min

Segment Inserts: 

a). Talent provides audio in show lead in…” And now more good news….  or  “next something you’ll find interesting  or  “and now…..”

b). Segments are produced by talent that will run if no SMT is scheduled. When a segment is sold, the pre-produced is removed and saved for a future show.

c). SMTs are not considered commercial time, but are revenue for the show and always targeted toward viewers interests and related to the program content.