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Samsungs’ Foldable Smartphone Expected in 2019.

One of the most anticipated smartphones is Samsung’s foldable phone. Back in November, the company offered a glimpse of its new foldable device, saying it’ll be mass produced “in the coming months.”

When closed a single screen is seen, but when open a separate display on the reverse comes into use

Justin Denison, Samsung senior vice president of mobile marketing, showed off the phone, which is a tablet when it’s fully opened and then a phone when it’s closed. It uses a new display technology called Infinity Flex Display that lets you open and close the device over and over without any degradation.

“The Infinity Flex Display represents an entirely new mobile platform,” Denison said. “We’ve been living in a world where the size of your screen can only be as large as the device itself. We’ve added a new dimension to help you browse, watch and multitask like never before.”
The device he presented is expected to be altered before a final product is released. Most likely the phone Samsung releases will have smaller bezels and be much sleeker.

“The success or failure of Samsung’s first folding phone will depend on how well Samsung has been able to button up the device.” CCS Insights analyst Ben Wood said. “If it’s a slick, attractively designed device it will be a magnet for gadget lovers. If it is bulky and hard to use it will be a tougher sell.”

The foldable phone can run up to three apps at the same time, something Samsung calls Multi-Active Window. Google’s Glen Murphy, head of Android UX, took the stage after Denison and said Android will support the new foldable display technology.


Currently, there is no official recent advertisement for Samsung’s foldable smartphone. Samsung even had a video with a foldable phone in it just a few years ago. That gave a hint at the time that Samsung was indeed working on a foldable phone. The video was released i 2013, and its possible the company has been working on it since then.

Samsung’s Youm Folding Smartphone Ad from the CES 2013 keynote