Industry leader • Innovator • Entrepreneur

Mike Schweitzer


Mike Schweitzer is a results oriented media professional with a complete resume in all forms of Media from today’s ‘Social’ right through every category including print. EVP of Western International Media, a $5.3B media management giant with major clients such as Walt Disney Company, US Air, ATT, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Hanes, Cruise Lines, Food Categories, and yes even Volvo Trucks. In-depth experience in Media Sales, Programming Production and Sales, Syndication, and Radio sales.

Industry Leader
A true leader, featured as “Sales Coach of the Year” by the Selman Institute with a passion for growing great effective salespeople and future managers. Mike started his career as a rookie local sales manager and rose through rapid success to be a National Rep, National Sales Manager in a Top 10 Market, General Sales Manager in a top 15 Market, and President & General Manager of a top 20 Market CBS TV Station.

As an Entrepreneur, he launched many ventures such as the 7th Broadcast Network: PAX TV; the European Weather Channels; Pharmasee TV, a placed based advertising company; a Group of Top Market Hispanic Broadcast Stations; HipCricket Text Marketing Company; and a Gainesville, FL Radio Group.

Through his Consultancy, MMI, Inc. a Florida Corporation Mike has served a broad category of BtoB and BtoC clients with marketing, media, and sales support.


"No one works harder than Mike Schweitzer, not even 'James Brown'"
Rich Levy
VP, Western International Media
"Mike is a builder of sales talent and a master at fostering team success and enthusiasm".
Jim Selman
President, Selman Management
"Mike is a master of client relationship and team building for results. A pro and a friend."
Dennis Holt
CEO, US Media International.