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Technology Takes Your Home, Sleep and Gaming to the Next Level

Thank goodness what happens in Vegas doesn’t ALWAYS stay in Vegas!  We just returned from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”).  Here is a sneak peek at some of the latest technology innovations. Take your sleep, home and gaming to the next level.


Whether you are ready to ditch the wires or are tired of pushing so many buttons, iHome has a smart solution for your home, sleep, sound, light and aromatherapy devices.  Designed to enhance your life with voice-activated products, iHome has everything from smart mirrors and home sensors to wireless charging pads and weather tough audio devices.

Here is the complete line up of iHome products featured at CES 2018.

  • A new line of bedside speakers with wireless charging pads
  • An array of voice-activated products featuring Amazon Alexa
  • iHome’s hit Zenergy wellness line expanded to include sleep therapy, aromatherapy and light therapy devices
  • New iterations of the smart vanity mirrors, home sensors and plugs
  • Refreshed designs of iHome’s color changing, weather-tough and personal audio devices
  • Licensed products with some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises


Another game-changing product is ReNu. This high-tech age demands high-tech stress relief. NuCalm unveiled ReNu, a sleep technology device that is changing the script on stress relief.

ReNu is a patented, clinically-proven solution that relaxes users without drugs, without delay and without fail. It’s stress relief for the way we live today – technology to help you disconnect.

NuCalm’s ReNu is a portable wearable system, consisting of a neurostimulator wearable, mobile app and neuroacoustic software.  

Philanthropist and life coaching pioneer Tony Robbins says, “For all of you who want to create immeasurable differences and achieve a better quality life, I invite you to learn more about NuCalm.  If I can take just 20 to 30 minutes to restore, NuCalm will give me hours of peak performance. I feel stronger, more rested and more focused, and so can you.”   

With ReNu, you will feel better, perform better and live better every day.  With just 20 minutes of rest, users can receive the equivalent of two hours of deep restorative sleep.


The final product featured in this post is Gamevice. Looking to make your iPhone a portable gaming powerhouse? Gamevice has your answer.

Gamevice connects directly to your smart device’s charging port. There is no need to pair or charge.  

Gamevice Live is the companion app with over a 1,000 games in dozens of categories. Replay your childhood games with over thirty years of a back catalog of games.

Attendees experienced the Gamevice controller on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 playing popular games like Minecraft and Street Fighter IV CE.

Play your favorite console titles with Gamevice and take your mobile gaming to the next level.

There you have it. NuCalm, iHome and Gamevice are just a few of the many features from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.  Stay tuned to our blog and The Tech Show TV for future segments.

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