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New research reveals top 5 most secure Password Managers

How secure are your passwords and how well do you manage them? Maybe a Password Manager app is something to consider

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What sort of passwords do you use? Things like ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’ or even ‘password’? If so, you are not alone, but you should be worried. These are among the most commonly used passwords around and all leave users accounts inherently vulnerable.


Fortunately, these days, more and more people are more and more aware of the benefits of using a Password Manager. They not only help keep your passwords secure but also make it easy for anyone to remember a whole host of complex passwords. A good Password Manager can also check how secure your passwords are, generate new secure ones for you, and much more.

But, while the case for using a Password Manager may be beyond dispute, choosing the best one is much harder. Which is why new research in this area is always welcome and that is what VPNCompare have delivered. Their in-house experts have been hard at work testing all the top Password Managers to see which is best.

The top Password Managers revealed

Their research concludes with a top-five but their researchers are upfront about the fact that most readers will be looking at one of their top three; LastPass, DashLane, or 1Password.

If you have already been researching Password Managers, these names might be familiar to you. After all, they are three of the best known and highest-regarded ones around. But, as VPNCompare explains, there is a good reason for that. All three offer a great all-round Password Management tool. They have multiple apps for all the main devices, a huge range of features, and all offer free trials which gives users plenty of time to try before they buy.


VPNCompare has chosen LastPass as its number one recommendation thanks largely to its great user-friendly features and well-designed apps. But they readily admit that there is little to choose between the top three and point out that other similar research has seen both DashLane and 1Password come top of the pile. In case you are curious, the other two Password Managers to make it onto their list were KeyPassXC and Password Boss.

Useful password security tips

As well as recommending their top Password Managers, VPNCompare’s researchers have also shared some really useful tips on keeping your Passwords secure.

They caution against the use of free Password Managers because some offer strictly limited features while others could put your security at risk. They point out, quite rightly, that a premium Password Management tool will only set you back $2 or $3 a month and suggest this is a very small price to pay for the benefits they can deliver. They also caution against storing your passwords in your browser or on a written list. Browsers are often not safe and many infringe on your privacy, while if you use them on a shared machine they will be accessible to any other users.

Meanwhile, if you use a written list, there is always a chance of it getting lost or falling into the wrong hands. That could cause huge problems one way or the other. The VPNCompare team is open about the fact that Password Managers themselves are not always 100% secure.

Some have reported security breaches in the past which is why they suggest that the most security-conscious users make use of two-factor authentication and even devices like a Yubikey to ensure your password security. It is refreshing to read the research that is so open about the potential pitfall of the technology they are looking into. We are reassured that the VPNCompare team knows what they are talking about and are giving their readers genuine and honest advice.

Their recommended Password Managers are all among the best around. In our office, everyone we asked uses one of their top five, with most opting for either LastPass or DashLane. Whichever Password Manager you decide you opt for, make sure you are using one. As research has shown, they can not only make your life a great deal easier but also keep your passwords and therefore your accounts safe and secure. Shop Related Products

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