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Premier Airing: Week of September 29, 2019: Weekly, ½ Hour: HIGH VIEWER INTEREST!

Finding The Good Life is a groundbreaking television series that highlights the link between Oral and Systemic health. Giving viewers the answers, they need to make their teeth bright, white, straight and attractive. We will talk about bleaching and cosmetic procedures, and simpler ways to straighten teeth.

Viewers will learn about how high tech is changing modern dentistry with amazing breakthroughs. Implants, coatings, crowns, bridges, dentures and so many other modern solutions for patients’ dental care.

Dr. A will explore the Over the Counter products and practices that will help you be the best you can be when it comes to your own health and well-being. Teens, Tweens, Expectant Moms, Newborns, the Elderly, all have solutions and advice available on this Journey. We’ll even delve into proper dental health for pets.

Everyone cares about their teeth and appearance. It’s not your Parent’s dentistry anymore. Dr. Antenucci will grab viewer’s attention and bring them back every week for more valuable information.

ADVERTISER’S DREAM PLATFORM: Broad audience appeal; Nationwide reach and distribution; compelling, memorable, and available for Brand Support and product integrations.

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Product Integration: Live on tape with Host Dr. Eugene Antenucci

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