Journey Of A Thousand Smiles – ADVERTISER CHRISTMAS GIFT

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Premier Airing: October 2019: Weekly, ½ Hour:  HIGH VIEWER INTEREST!

Everyone cares about their teeth and appearance; Dr. Antenucci will grab their attention; inform them on the latest treatments, technology and Over The Counter personal care. High-Quality Production; Programming that is Intrusive; Compelling, and just what the Doctor Ordered………

Show Topics:

Healthy Mouth Healthy Body – It’s all Connected  /  Beautiful face, Beautiful Smile  /   Whitening, Implants, Braces  /  Baby Teeth: Key Advice  /  Mom’s Pregnancy Dental Care  /  Teenage  Habits, Diet, Risks  /  Golden Years: Aging Issues: Dentures, specialty Care  /  Pet Teeth Care

ADVERTISER’S DREAM PLATFORM: OTC, Brand Support, New Product Introduction, Education

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Product Integration: Live on Tape with Dr. A

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