What We do

Pax and Peace Consultancy Services

  • Negotiations: Advertisers,  Agencies,  PR firms; for building brand awareness, marketing, lead generation, sales efforts (including contract negotiation), channel partner introductions,  and sales.
  •  The Expertise to assist concerns and needs of our clients.
  • Review of work, timetables, schedules, regulatory checklists on filings and related progress.
  • Consulting and coordination efforts for goals and process management.
  • Client, vendor, regulatory and governmental agencies/agents; or as directed and approved, meetings with written summaries.

A great deal of groundwork must be done to evaluate key sales opportunities that within an organization can influence a purchase. Strategic planning will be developed using market intelligence, insight, and analysis to identify the key factors that influence sales decision making. Work products are confidential, and the exclusive property of the client and its assigns.

Meet Our Team

OverProject 7

Shawn Portmann

Director of Digital Sales & Integration

Mike Schweitzer

Revenue Integrator


Shawn is a good listener and is able in a short period to summarize and respond with concise counsel. His brevity leads to positive results.
John Morgan
Professional Musician at Orlando Sun Sound Studio
We have worked with On It Media & Shawn Portmann for more than a year now and we can’t tell you how pleased we have been with their work and our relationship. They have accommodated our every need even under seemingly impossible deadlines. Our videos have aired on major affiliates and 99% of the time, have aired during prime- or near-primetime hours, no overnight. Last but not least, the team at On It Media is extremely responsive and accommodating – working with them is easy and a pleasure.​
Rob Floyd
Circle F Media LLC
If you're looking to get your content featured on entertaining programming that reaches a broad audience, look no further than the shows brought to you by On It Media. The Jet Set and the Tech Show provide an engaging space to showcase videos and interviews throughout the U.S. and beyond. Just like they say on the Jet Set, with an entire team (including Shawn Portmann) dedicated to quality production, "sit back, buckle up" and get ready to be part of a great lineup! 
Laura DeAngelis
Producer, Comtel, Inc.